Upcoming Events

First Sundays at Unity are Birthday Sundays - Join us to celebrate with cake after the service


Ever other month we invite Friends and Family for a Potluck after service. 
All are welcome. 
January 26, 2020 Join us and share a meal after our service.


Sacred Service Opportunities

Every ministry has many ways that people can give their unique gifts and talents in sacred service.

If you are someone who loves to arrange flowers, you could bring a bouquet and share them in our Sunday Service.

If you love to welcome people, we would enjoy your presence at the front door to greet regulars and those who are new to our church home.

If you love to set a table, bake, cook and just offer hospitality, we would love your support for our after service coffee and goodies.

Please contact the church office or a board member if you would like to share and participate on one of these Sunday Service Teams.