Sunday Services

Services are held every Sunday at 11:00am. Everyone is welcome.

Our Sunday Services include Music, Meditation and a powerful Unity Message.

January 2020

5th        White Stone Ceremony – 2020 Vision – Claim you Name - Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel
                     1st Sunday is Birthday Sunday - Cake

12th    New Series The 5 Basic Unity Principles –

1. One Presence One Power God the Good- Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel

19th    2. The Divine Within You - Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel
                        Unity A Way of Life Class  after service 12:30-2:30

26th    3. Thoughts Held in Mind – Guest Speaker Rev. Bob Brac
                     Potluck Friends and Family on 4th Sunday                       

February 2020

2nd      4. Prayer and Meditation – Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel
                        1st Sunday - Birthday Sunday – Cake

                      *Unity A Way of Life Class after service 12:30-2:30

9th       5. Living the Truth: A Way of Life – Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel

16th    Guest Speak Rev. Bob Brach

23rd    New Member Ceremony – Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel
            Friends and Family Welcomed
            Potluck on 4th Sunday

 Unity of Richmond East Bay is currently seeking a new minister.